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Fast-Casual Marketing packages built for small restaurants, all you have to do is plug in.

The Groves Agency is a design and digital marketing agency dedicated to the success of Fast-Casual (Minimum Service) Restaurants. We use the latest technologies and innovations and promote proven marketing practices from the pre and post-digital media era. A rapidly growing solutions provider, Groves offers a variety of turnkey services including Secure Online Ordering, Online payment, Customer Loyalty, Social Media promotions and Ad Management, Brand Identity, Review Management, Newsletters, Digital Marketing, SEO and Mobile App Development. Our esteemed clientele have busy restaurants to run. Our marketing plans are plug in and go, total turnkey solutions. We are obsessed with marketing for this industry because we’re also in this industry. As both a passion and a perfect case study, we own a Pizzeria in Ft. Collins, CO. We’ve found through the years that each industry has a drastically different marketing strategy. Instead of learning new ones every day we’ve decided to focus on the one we’ve analyzed for hours and hours on end, scrutinizing every dollar spent and the true marketing needs right down to the core. Our packages are full of value because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. So you can plug in, turn on and tune out when it comes to your restaurants marketing.

Through our services, you can

  • Generate new customers and build up current customer loyalty
  • Improve profitability through a streamlined marketing process and online order taking
  • Implement dynamic, proven marketing campaigns for Minimum Service Restaurants

At the Groves Agency, we not only market for minimum service restaurants, we run our own as a first hand case study!

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Groves has designed it’s Fast-Casual restaurant marketing packages to be affordable and effective and with very little hassle for you. This is best value in marketing. You need to be taking orders online and even with our most modest package you’ll be doing that in no time.

By simply replacing your outdated current marketing with Groves marketing you’ll be spending less and earning more.

We’ve built a blueprint for marketing to the Fast-Casual restaurant crowd, and it will work for you as soon as you turn it on. Today’s customers are different than they were 10 or even 5 years ago. Instead of worrying about all the business you’re missing out on let us get you caught up and moving forward. All the latest strategy and marketing techniques are now available to restaurants like yours and mine.

Our Blog

The new age of Minimum Service Restaurant Marketing

By David / Uncategorized / Nov 17,2017
I’ve been eating at Justine’s Pizza since I was a kid, so I had a pretty good idea of how things worked from the customer angle. So, when I bought the Fort Collins location I had a big head start. It was the perfect prototype for how a small pizzeria worked, so I really just...
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  • The Groves Agency Testimonial - Michelle-Crutcher

    Michelle Crutcher

    Owner, Designs Boutique

    We’re currently working with The Groves Agency to build a new custom eCommerce site for our boutique in Fort Collins. We’ve been in the retail business for over 20 years but had no idea what it took to translate our brand into an online store. Groves has worked with us and helped us every step of the way, listening and hearing what we wanted without rushing us or pushing us to do it their way. It’s clear they understand things from their client’s perspective and we feel great about the site we’re about to launch. We highly recommend them to everybody, whether you know what you want or if you don’t, Groves will help you get there.
  • The Groves Agency Testimonial - Emily Orr

    Emily Orr

    Owner, Mojito Creek

    When we bought Mojito Creek and decided to turn it into a vacation rental our marketing was at square one. The Groves Agency helped us figure out what we could accomplish with our website and what our brand needed to stand for. They designed a beautiful logo and very unique business cards that we're thrilled with. They also took care of our social media pages and built us a state of the art website that handles every aspect of the property rental process. The most important thing is that they are always there to answer questions and they treat us like family. We couldn't have chosen a better partner for building our brand.
  • The Groves Agency Testimonial -Darin-Slocum

    Darin Slocum

    Owner, Ambassador Real Estate

    We are thoroughly enjoying our relationship with The Groves Agency, they redesigned our logo and built us a beautiful new website, social media pages, business cards and even yard signs for our home listings. We have an ongoing partnership and they treat us like we’re a part of one big team, always looking out for our best interests and giving us honest answers. I highly recommend them to anybody who wants their business to grow and present the right image for their brand.

Who we’ve worked for

We are proud to have worked with many amazing and successful organizations.

  • The Groves Agency Testimonial -Mojito-creek
  • The Groves Agency Testimonial -Irbine-neoprene
  • The Groves Agency Testimonial -Designs-boutique

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